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In association with Makmur Motor in Indonesia, Spare Parts Hub provides a number of spare parts for your car such as oil filters, car horns, light bulbs, spark plugs, wipers, and air filters. We provide a good quality spare parts to ensure your driving experience to be enjoyable and most importantly, safe. If you need a specific spare part that are not listed in our catalogues, please feel free to contact us via our email, and we will try to cater to your needs specifically.

Our warehouse is located both in Melbourne and in Jakarta.

We have the privilege of learning about automotive industry from family experiences, as our family owns car workshops, so from that point, taught us how to maintain car, which spare part is the best, and more over, taught us the importance of maintaining a car. Because of this experience, we can get to where we are today, which is also the reason as to why we open this online store, to share our experience with you. 

We chose spare parts to sell because we were always curious about auto-motives, that's why we have been selling this for a living for quite some time. Give us a chance to show you the quality of our products and services, and we are confident, that you will not be disappointed. 

Our customer service is manned 24 hours by email, we typically reply within 24 hours time by the latest, to provide you with the best service we could possibly provide.

We know that there are a counterfeit products out there in the market, so our promise to customers, we provides the 100% genuine product that can be checked for its genuine at any dealers.