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FAQ's (For wipers)

What if my wiper don't fit?

If you are not 100% sure that the wiper will fit your car, please consult us through email, and we will guide you through all the necessary process, to avoid any refunds and complications.

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a wiper.
1. The size - In modern car, it is very common for cars to use 2 sizes of wiper, a long and a short one, sometimes due to a shortage in stock, we can decrease the size of the long one and extend the size of the short one, depending on the size of the windshield, usually an inch shorter or longer is very normal, but we do recommend customers to stick to the original pair size.

2. The arm - In today's car, there are a lot of locks, Older european cars and Japanese cars typically came with a U-Hook type of wiper arms, and newer european cars came with something called  a Bayonet arm or Top - Lock arm. We do not cater to these 2 arms yet, we only cater to the U-Hook type of wiper at the moment, so it is very important that you email us regarding the fitment before you make your purchase.

3. The wiper design - There are currently 3 types of wiper in the market today, the 1st is the normal standard wiper (Bosch Eco-PLUS) which is essentially the most basic design that a wiper can be, it is made for those who prefer the classic and conventional look to their car, and it is the cheapest as well!


How do i find the proper size?

1. You can measure the wiper by yourself, measure the wiper from tip to tip.
2. Check the owner's manual
3. You can email us for the size, just mention the car's production year, type, brand

For example ( 2014, CX5, MAZDA) or if its a coupe/convertible, (2012, MX5-CONVERTIBLE, MAZDA).

What kind of wipers do you sell?

We only sell 100% genuine Bosch products, the BOSCH CLEAR ADVANTAGE is our best seller, which is the new type of wipers that sits on a premium level of quality, because it offers NO VISIBLE bracket that holds the rubber together, thus, showing more premium and prestige look.

We also sell the BOSCH ADVANTAGE which is the most common type of wiper that you see in today's car, it is the solution to people that are looking to a good all-round wiper with cheaper price.

Then there is the Flat-Blade Clear Advantage, essentially this wiper offers an absolutely "Naked" Design, it looks very modern and sleek, it came with twice the strength as the usual wiper rubber, it is by far the most famous wiper in our website, it offers a clean look, better performance, and most of all, quiet in action.

The Hybrid (DENSO Tournament). This is a combination of the standard and the flat blade wiper, it offers a new casing surrounding the rubber, making it look extremely clean and OEM look to the vehicle, it offers the best performance and the best look.


Now we sell the BOSCH AeroTwin ranges as well, They are 100% plug and play, they came with 4 adaptors that can fit to Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, Volvo, Maserati. They are the best wiper in the market right now, the best type of rubber, and the best type of wiper adaptor ready at your service. Just pick 1 that fits your car, snap it, you're good to go.




The Bosch Rear is intended for the Rear windshield only, with sizes from 12" to 14", it came with 2 locks, which is Lock 2, and Lock 3. Please consult our customer service before your purchase.


How durable your wipers usually last?

It depends on the area that you live in, our wiper came with a new type of rubber that can withstand both extreme cold and extreme hot weather. But, if you leave your car in open field all day, the UV radiation might get to the rubber faster than those who keep their car inside the garage. We recommend you to change your wiper every once a year, and keep the windshield as clean as possible at all times before you operate the wipers, as foreign objects such as small rocks are lethal to the rubber, and it may damage the windshield as well.


How about the delivery?

We use AUSpost to send the wipers. Packaged professionally by our team at our warehouse, and then sent once every week. Rural areas may take longer for the wipers  to reach, but generally, it takes a maximum of 4-5 business days to reach its destination.